Why You Need Dental Insurance

  • Covers the Following Costly Items
  • Diagnostic and Preventive Care
  • Periodontal Maintenance and Cleanings
  • Repair of Dentures
  • Basic Restorative—Fillings

#5 MetLife

MetLife Reviews

  • One of the premier insurance providers
  • Financial services are also offered
  • Excellent Features for plans
  • Good Overall insurance carrier

Service Review

The clients that have used the services of Metlife have praised and appreciated the quality and variety of services they have enjoyed. The details of the services offered have been so intricately mentioned and explained in the Frequently Asked Question section of the website that even if you are not able to communicate with an official of Metlife, you will not find any difficulty in knowing about the products offered and the associated cost.

However, Metlife is good if you are looking forward to group or business insurance. This is because Metlife does not have any individual payment plans but prefer to go with group payment options.

Also the website of Metlife is secured. As such you can enter personal details when you decide to buy an insurance policy online without fear of identity theft and the like. So, your information is kept at safe distance from scam artists and online intruders.

It has been observed that in most of the cases, when an insurance policy is bought online, the technology used is more or less similar to what is used for online bank transactions. So, it goes without saying that your money ought to be safe.

Additional Features

Metlife Inc offers the provision to clients to use online forms for buying insurance policies online. You will be able to track claim status if it is required to file one. Also you have the facility to compare prices and insurance plans with others and assess whether or not the insurance coverage you are opting for is adequate for you.


Since Metlife is absolutely into employee and group dental plans, individual payments are not made. Whatever you are supposed to pay is usually taken care of by the employer of the company. So, if you are an employee, your employer will keep aside your share of premium payment when you receive your paycheck.

Support and Help

Since there is no online live chat facility or email facility where you can send in your queries, the Frequently Asked Question section has been made in an excellent manner.


If you want to give an overall rating to Metlife Inc, it can be said that it is a dependable insurance carrier, despite the fact that it has insurance products entirely for the employers and groups. So, if you are on the lookout for individual dental insurance plans, it is best to turn to the ones that offer insurance plans in the individual category. When it comes to help and support, Metlife has always lived up to the expectations of its clients. As such it has over the years eaten away a major portion of the market stake owing to its reliable service.

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#5 MetLife, 7.1 out of 10 based on 28 ratings

One Response to “#5 MetLife”

  1. Julie Johnson says:

    When I first signed up for metlife it was for one reason: because they are the only company that covered everything I needed for a price that I could afford. To be honest I wasnt expecting much in the way of service, I just needed dental insurance and they were cheap enough for me to be able to easily afford it. I was very pleasantly surprised. Metlife are one of those very few companies that actually look after their customers. It seems to actually be in their DNA to truly provide a service instead of just taking your money and offering as little as possible in return. How many other companies can you say that about? I personally know of very few, and metlife are the only insurance company I have dealt with that offers a premium level of service at a great value price. The difference was apparent the first time I came to make a claim. After filling in the online form, I expected a big hassle and to have to jump through all kinds of hoops to get them to pay out. Much to my surprise they were courteous, pleasant and they paid out right away. Metlife are a genuinely impressive company. I love the way they do business, and I love being a customer.

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