Why You Need Dental Insurance

  • Covers the Following Costly Items
  • Diagnostic and Preventive Care
  • Periodontal Maintenance and Cleanings
  • Repair of Dentures
  • Basic Restorative—Fillings

#4 Aetna

aetna Reviews

  • Excellent Online Insurance Processing
  • Extensive network of hospitals
  • Reliable and dependable plans
  • Dental Plans are cost-effective
  • High quality products and services

Service Review

The fact that Aetna dental insurance offers high quality and cost effective dental insurance plans has made it a favorite among the dental insurance users. Aetna is also into offering dental insurance products online. And this is of immense help to users that have no time to walk down into the physical offices of Aetna located in different places. When you are buying an insurance product, it is much easier for you to get insurance quotes from different insurance service providers and compare the plans and costs. This helps you to settle for the insurance plans that suits your pocket and needs the best. So, you finally lay your hands upon the best bet.

Additional Features

Oftentimes it is seen that when you visit the website of a service provider, you are not able to make out any gist of it as the information that is presented in the website appears cluttered. But the website of Aetna Dental is presented in a very informative manner. The sections are well defined and you don’t have to keep hunting for information in an aimless manner. So by going through the website you will be able to get extensive information about the Aetna dental services and products.

The best part is that when you are surfing information on Aetna Dental website, you will be able to sign up online and request for a quote. So, as you navigate through the different pages of the website, you will have the online quote delivered to you within a couple of minutes.

Aetna dental offers insurance plans that are designed for group users as well as individuals. Co-payment options are offered by Aetna dental and you can check out more information on the website.


There is no pre-certification requirement. The plans are cost effective. However, when you are buying any plan from Aetna, you will have to make payments online as they do not have the provision for manual payment. In fact making payments online is even easier and hassle free as you can do it from the comfort of your office or home.

Support and Help

It is of utmost importance to have adequate assistance and support online so that you have a better understanding of the plans and products that have been offered. The Frequently Asked Question section is very popular when it comes to Aetna dental website. Also you will find a number of email addresses and telephone numbers that will help you to communicate with the representatives of Aetna directly. This is one of the areas that Aetna has really excelled and with this feature you will not have to hunt around for answers aimlessly.


Overall Aetna dental is here to stay and has a reputation of offering the cost effective and quality dental insurance coverage for individuals and groups.

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#4 Aetna, 8.0 out of 10 based on 32 ratings

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  1. Frank Boyd says:

    I just wanted to write here to report a great experience that Ive had with aetna. It was in 2009, when I had a dental emergency that needed immediate treatment. I was really worried about the cost, but one phone call to aetna set my mind at ease. They told me that everything would be taken care of and all I had to do was concentrate on my recovery. The reassurance I was given and the kind words of the customer service person made such a huge difference for me in that moment. When the treatment was over, the claims process was incredibly easy. All I had to do was fill in a short, simple form and it was done! I was so happy with the service I got from aetna, and so glad that Id chosen them. Id recommend them to anyone.

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